A forest filled with sheep is invaded by a wolf. A tale as old as time. But this time the wolf has had enough of the constant fighting and hunting. All you want is to get rich and lounge around in your beautiful woodsy home. So it’s time to get creative. 

Luckily you love sewing, a little-known fact about wolves, and you’ve finally finished your perfectly crafted sheep-suit. By wearing it you should blend right in with the flock and manage to infiltrate their lines. The suit is really itchy though, so you can only wear it for short amounts of time. But it should be enough to sneakily borrow the most prized possession of the sheep. Time to fetch that amethyst!

Move using WASD or the arrow keys. Use your sheep-suit with space bar. Use ESC to get to the menu.

Made by Unruly brats in the Finnish Game Jam 2022 under the Turku jam site.

  • Game design: Everyone
  • Code: Anton and Joonas
  • Sound: Lauri
  • Art: Maiju, Joonas

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